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StevenQuadcoptercloud.com is owned and run singlehandedly by Steven Robertson. Through this website,  Steven hopes to provide hobbyists, photographers, videographers, and anyone else interested in drones and quadcopters useful information such as buying guides, reviews, comparisons, and helpful tips on how to operate their device.


Where it All Began


Steven has been a professional photographer for over 15 years. His job has taken him all over the world to photograph events, famous personalities, landscapes, etc. However, it is with landscape photography that his passion lies and in the recent years, he has decided to focus to capturing nature’s beauty with his lens.

Steven loves hiking and taking pictures of mountain tops surrounded by a sea of clouds. However, there are some scenes that he just can’t capture because he needed a higher angle. This was when his quest to find the best drone and quadcopter began.

At first, Steven was only interested in drones and quadcopters that didn’t come with a camera because he already had his own equipment. But his fascination grew as he came across drones with more advanced features. This is when he also started investing in those that also came with a camera.

There are drones and quadcopters these days which no longer cost an arm and a leg. In fact, there are drones that can only cost a little over $100 but fly well and come packed with features . Steven likes to test out these devices for his readers who are only starting to get into the hobby and don’t want to spend too much only just yet.

He makes it a point to be updated on the latest drones and quadcopters in the market not only for his own benefit but more importantly, to ensure that his readers are well-informed of the goings on in the world of UAVs.  On days when Steven isn’t working, you will find him flying these devices with his son on the open field in his property.


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